How I Made $10k in Affiliate Marketing with No Training

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affiliate-marketingMaking Money Online for Beginners 

Welcome…this is the perfect time to start in Internet Marketing. In the past making money online and the lucrative marketing careers were reserved for agencies who outsourced the work to computer programmers and graphic designers. With content marketing, their are endless opportunities.

Now with the new tools available to the average person, anyone with a keyboard and mouse can place ads and email thousands of people with a click of a button. In this article I will show you how to make your first $10,000 in affiliate marketing without buying a training course.  This is a great way to make extra money online.

You can do this by purchasing Solo Ads which essentially someone else sends your offer to their list. The best company by far is He will even include a website landing page and will do follow up emails for a month. It is truly, done for you marketing!

We are in the beginning of a Digital Gold Rush right now, never has there been this much money making opportunity online. This is the beginning of a new world economy. I predict that in the future there will be those incredibly wealthy people who work online and those who don’t work online doing support jobs for those working online. Which one will you be?

This is the perfect time to start, the affiliate marketing training programs haven’t been around for more than a couple of years. So there is a huge demand still.

Getting Started there are 3 aspects to make extra money online with affiliate marketing:

  • Audience-This is who we are advertising to
  • Offer-What we are advertising
  • Copy-The actual written ad itself

Our job as marketers is to generate traffic to the sales pages were the sales is made, then we make a commission ranging from 5%-100%. Because we are dealing with large amounts of sales, the income we can make is huge.

The process is called a “Sales Funnel” and that starts with Advertising, which then sends a person to the Landing Page. Then the person enters in their name and email, From there they are sent to the offer or sales page. Click below to view the sales funnel diagram.

You Can Make $10,000 a Month Just by Doing Email Marketing

A few times a week we send offers and valuable free content that helps them. Andre Chaperone is the best in the world at email marketing, you can check out his podcast at Andre’s Podcast #1

The program or tool that we use to send the initial offer is a email service provider or ESP. The one I have found to be the best and that I recommend is Getresponse

With this program you can send emails, automate the sending of emails, track statistics and also build landing pages and forms using their templates. I found they do the most for as little as $15 right now.

For my email sequences I like to set the autoresponder up from 7-60 days. We want to always be in contact with our list without being annoying. The three main objectives of a promotional email is three things.

-Offer Testimonials, Overcome Objections and Offer Valuable Content.

Email Marketing-In order to send these emails, we need a web hosting service and a email forwarding service. That is what A2 Webhosting offers. Full Disclosure: If you click the link, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. At $3.92 a month, that is a very good price compared to Ataama where I was paying $29.95 a month and receiving less services. To learn how to start your own money making blog, check out my“How to Start a Blog” page.

The reason we want to send emails with our business email name instead of the free accounts like google and yahoo is deliverability. They will end up in the spam filters and our subscribers will never see them.

The goal with our subscriber list is to provide value, earn trust, deliver on our promises and make recomendations. If we do this the sales and success will come. You add value to people when you value them. That is what we do is bring value and be of service to others, helping them to work from home.

What is a Landing Page?

In addition to email marketing, we get people to our landing pages by Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Youtube and any other way we can.  This is how we make extra money online.  The bigger your online influence, the easier it is to market our offers. In a way you are branding yourself. You want to use infographics and pictures in 20% of your blog posts and emails, it makes it much easier to read.

One of my favorite go to people in the industry is Pat Flynn. Below is what he believes about creating the best landing page and how to do it. You can read his full article at “How do I set up a Landing Page” from

Well, a landing page, the definition of it is essentially a page that people land on; that you direct people to, where they accomplish or are forced to just make a decision on one thing. You know, it’s also known as a squeeze page. I mean, there’s some differences between the two, but when you think about it, a squeeze page or landing page, you want people to go to that page, and you want them to accomplish one task.

Yes, there are landing pages where there could be multiple things that you want people to do; multiple actions that you want people or visitors to take, but the best landing pages are all directed toward one specific action. The copy, the images, the graphics, everything, all to have that person be forced to, or squeezed, to do that one thing on that one page.

Perhaps it’s to promote a specific event that’s coming up, like a webinar. Or it could just be a part of the sales process. Maybe one of the many steps involved to get people to take some sort of big action or transaction down the road. And, like I said, the easiest way to do this is just to create a new page on your site. A new WordPress page, and then have all the copy and images and everything you want people to do there. Hook up the email service provider, put an opt-in form or a button for your product or whatever the case may be. That’s the easiest way to do it, and it’s most likely free if you already have WordPress up and running.

However, there can be some things that go along with that that make it not quite as easy. It’s hard to customize all the things that you want done, and a lot of the times, a landing page looks good and works really well if it looks a little bit different. Sometimes if you take the sidebars out, if you take the navigation out. Again, those are all other options that you don’t want people to do when people land on that page.

A lot of people think of landing pages, they think of, like, email addresses, yes. But you also want to give away something in order to get that email address. That, by far, works out better than just saying, “Hey, subscribe to my newsletter,” or “Join the list,” or even “Join the community.” When people get something right away, they are more likely to subscribe to that email newsletter and take the action you want them to take on that landing page.

A lot of what people are doing now are using this sort of two step, often, process, which is something that LeadPages also gives you the ability to do using their LeadBoxes feature, which allows you to give an incentive or get people to put in their email addresses without first showing an email field and a name field, or one or the other, it actually shows a button like, “Click here to get your free whatever.” They click it, and then the email and the name field comes up, or whichever ones you choose you want there, and then they are more likely to fill it out because those are the only options they have when they get there.

What it does is it turns your page into a giving page. That landing page becomes a place where you’re giving something, not taking something. Even though the ultimate goal is to get there in the email address, but when you sort of show people that there’s an email and name field right away before even telling them anything, then they automatically assume, or a lot of people will automatically assume, that you’re just there to collect their email address. But if you say, “Hey, here’s this free ebook. Here are the quick bullet-points of what it’s going to do for you and why you should get it right now. Click here to get it for free, or get free instant access.” Boom. They click it, and they’ll send you their email address to get that in exchange. So that works really well.

The idea of a landing page is not to sell anything there, it is to convince them of the value of whatever you are promoting. More importantly, it is really to get there email address to add them to our mailing list. The goal of a landing page is for them to take an action, both enter their email address and then click on a link to our sales page.

I want to talk about affiliate marketing training programs a little bit.  You will see everyone offering one and they are selling themselves as a brand more than the content of the training program. You want to buy from someone who has a very large social influence…that has been doing this for a long time. The reason for this is the training will be better quality…they have spent more time and money developing it. The best program out there and the only one I recommend is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate program. To register for his free webinar Click Here.

Full Disclosure: Above is an affiliate link, If you click on the above link, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a commission.

I will continue to give as much information as I can give through this platform. There is a lot of information that you need to learn to actually build your own online business. To learn how to start a blog check out my post How to Build a 6 Figure Blog in 6 Months.

My blog is meant to supplement and fill in the blanks for the common roadblocks new people hit. I hit the same ones and had to research the answers. A person I follow is John Chow @ He has great info on how to make money online as a blogger.

Your Expenses for Online Tools

Your monthly costs to maintain your business shouldn’t be more than $99. I will always continue to find the best tools out there. I will make a checklist available for new business owners if you subscribe to my email list.

Down the road a little bit I will talk about the three phases of business Build, Optimize and Split Test.

Guys thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you got some valuable info that will help you in taking that next step to financial freedom and more importantly maybe staying at home again with your kids. That is why I do this, I have a 7 year old daughter who I get to stay home and take care of.

This blog is about helping people, I am just your Sherpa :o)

Free Step by Step Instruction Every Week in my Blog Posts

I am 45 and I went to Washington State and graduated with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration. I did what I thought I was supposed to do, worked tirelessly 50 hours a week for 15 years in restaurants. After I left my job my daughter was born and I needed a way to pay my bills.

At the time my brother and father where using a stock trading software called Forex. I started using that with $1000, within 3 months I grew it to over $8,000. The incredible part of this story is I did it in 2008 soon after the stock market crash. Then two years ago I started in affiliate marketing. I absolutely love everything about it, I do a lot of email marketing, blog writing and I own 3 amazon stores.


You are now ready to start to make money online

Thank you and I hope this weeks information was helpful. Please leave your comments and questions for me, I am directly available and will read and respond to all comments.  Take care everyone…

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