5 Secrets to Writing Profitable Money Making Blog Posts

Are You Tired of Losing Blog Readers? Learn my Killer Top 5 Secrets to Writing Evergreen Blog Posts that Will Drive Traffic and Readers Will Share Your Content. Choosing a great post title is crucial to get the person searching on Google to click on your link instead of the ten other bloggers listed on the first page. The Subject Line should be like a email headline…Engaging and Creative! Listed below is my five never shared before secret process and criteria I use when creating a post title.

1) Make a great “Subject Line” that captures their attention that is clever and catches their interest.

2) Choose a post topic that solves your readers problem.

3) Post must be “Evergreen” meaning it will be relevant for years to come.

4) Be shareable and have broad appeal, a post that will be able to drive traffic to your website.

5) Place affiliate links throughout post. They should be spread out one every 250 words.

Creating Profitable Content

80% of People See the Headline but only 20% View the Post

To start writing your first blog post, you will first need to sign up for self hosted webhosting, the company that I trust and flat out works….is A2 Webhosting. With their great service you get a free WordPress blog, which is how people find you. If you haven’t signed up yet Click Here or check out my page “What I Use” for a list of all the online tools I use for my blog.

Great, the next thing you will need is a quality, fast and secure blog theme. The one I recommend is the free Avant-X WordPress theme. Their themes are amazing, if your site looks amazingly professional….you will look professional. Image and online reputation is very important in your online business.

Only 20% of people who view your post title in a search result, will click and view your post. That means you have a very small window of time to grab them with your killer post title.

A great subject line will capture their attention, but you must deliver on what you promised in the headline. I spend a great deal of time writing and choosing a post title because I only get one chance to make a first impression.

Without a great title, how will your potential reader know how great your blog post is and how it can solve their problem? That’s why I recommend writing at least 5 titles and picking the best one.

Many bloggers feel they have to blog several times a week, but the best bloggers do it less and still grow their traffic. I recommend doing one long blog post of 2000 words and one shorter one of around 1300 words.

Choose a Blog Post Topic That Solves a Searchable Problem

  • The most important reason for a blog is that it should solve the readers problem they are searching for. That is how Google sends traffic to your website, by what the reader is searching for and how relevant your content is. Google is focused on the user experience and capturing their screen time for as long as possible.
  • The more searchable your blog post title is, the more traffic will be funneled to your blog. Traffic is the life blood of making money through affiliate links, ads and eventually your own digital e-books and courses.

3) Blog Post Topic Must Be Evergreen and Relevant

I don’t know why, but the word “Relevant” is such a hard word to spell, I always want to put two e’s in it lol. When it comes to blogging and Google, Relevancy is the most important factor in ranking.

It needs to be able to solve a problem today and 5 years from now. That is the definition of the term “Evergreen.” Your blog post should be very searchable and focused on your specific niche. Fill it with lots of quality infographics, photos and case studies. All of which can be found through Google Search.

There are many online tools you will use, check out my What I Use page for the ones I can’t do without.

The one I always use for checking the popularity of a blog title is the tool Buzzsumo. They will show how many times it has been shared, who has linked to other similar titles and similar post titles by other bloggers.

Keep in mind, blogs are not meant for professional writers. They were first created as “Web Blogs” which were average people who had specific expert knowledge, journaling about a specific topic to help other people searching for answers on that topic. You should just be experienced and passionate about the subject you are writing about.

Don’t feel like it has to be perfect, your mantra should be “Put it out there.” Stay focused on the structure or template of a blog. Over time, your writing will get better and you won’t feel self conscious about it.

I go back and revise my blog 10-15 times before it is complete. A blog post is a living document, as things change you can update your posts. It is yours and you are in control of it.

4) Blog Post Topic Will be Shareable and Have Broad Appeal

With Buzzsumo, you type in a keyword or post subject and it will show you other articles with the same keyword and how many times they have been shared on social media. Then pick the one that is popular but small enough that you can compete for on the search engines.

One of the best online currencies is social sharing of our content. That helps in two ways:

  1. It spreads the word and popularity of our blog post all over the web, gaining us more subscribers and fans.
  2. By having our content shared a lot, it tells Google that people love our blog and it is relevant.

To make our posts shareable I use the “Social Share” plug-in for WordPress. This makes it very easy for people to share my post. We place the buttons on the bottom of the post and have floating social buttons at the top of the page.

A great way to get more shares and spread the word about your new blog post is by posting snippets on all your social media accounts. That is the title and the first paragraph of your new blog post.

You want to do this a couple of times a week, but just be careful not to annoy your followers. Don’t worry too much about that, the reason they are following you is they are interested in you and your blog.  Use different creative ways to do this so it doesn’t look repetitive.

People will read it and share with friends and contacts. Think of your blog like it is in the middle of a diagram and all your social media accounts, forums and online publication sites are a circle around your blog, pointing readers to you and your posts.

5) Place Affiliate Links Every 250 Words for a Profitable Blog Post

The way we make money is affiliate links and affiliate ads on our blog and posts. I recommend placing a affiliate text hyperlink every 250 words. That is a good enough space between links to not be a distraction and annoyance to readers.

You want to place links throughout the post that relate to the article and also place affiliate links wherever you can when you are talking about your personal experience and life. Amazon links are great for this, they have a WordPress plug-in that makes it easy to make links. I love using Amazon links, just last month from the money I made from Amazon links I bought this awesome Camera

You see what I did there? ;o) I inserted a affiliate link in the post where it was relevant and not being spammy.

When choosing a topic, be mindful of how many affiliate products you can promote in your post. In a lot of ways, your post should be a advertorial or ad for these products and services. Your post should work hand in hand with these products and your first hand experience using them.

In my experience, that is the fun part. Talking about the products and services I have used to help me in my business is very helpful to my readers. I work very hard at finding the best and most helpful products that can take my subscribers business to the next level.

Affiliate Links Promote the Right Product at the Right Time

Successful affiliates promote the products and offers that are in demand to people who want or need them right now ~Neil Patel


When choosing a post subject remember it should do several things:

  1. Tell a Story
  2. Use Descriptions
  3. Use Case Studies
  4. Communicate the Benefits of Affiliate Product

Those are things you will use in your post to back up your statements. You want to focus a lot of attention on creating your post title and the introduction paragraph. They have to capture your readers attention and make them want to read your entire post. If you don’t they won’t get past the first paragraph.

It is better to have one great post a week instead of 3 mediocre ones. For my blog I target a word count of 2000. All of the top ranked posts on Google are at least 1700 words.

You want to fill your post with lots of great original pictures, infographics and graphs to break up the wall of text.

Now your ready to create your first post, I hope this was very helpful to you.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you got some value from it… please like, share and leave a comment below. It truly is a great way for one person to make a difference. This is my passion and it is my pleasure to bring you information that can transform your life.

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Peace + Love

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