10x Your Blog Productivity in 2019!

Throw Away 2018 Resolutions

Why would I ask you to throw away last years resolutions? I’m not crazy, the reason is because they are the same resolutions that never get accomplished year after year. Start 2019 different with 10x Blog Productivity Goals that actually work!

This post will teach how to:

  • Plan Personal Goals & Blog Budget
  • Plan Downtime
  • Move to a Self Hosted Blog Site
  • Attend Live Networking Events
  • Plan & Schedule Blog Posts
  • Plan Launches of Digital Products

Plan Personal Goals & Blog Budget

Personal goals are a great motivator for blog business goals! It is important to plan out milestones and goals for your personal life in 2019.

For example in my life 2018 I had a goal of being able to dunk a basketball on a 10 foot regulation hoop like I could in college 20 years ago. I haven’t reached that goal yet, but it led to some other great fitness things in 2018.

It’s really important to have a work/life balance to enjoy the life you have today. It’s so easy to live in the future and forget about how amazing and precious Today is. Tomorrow isn’t promised, all we have is today…so live your best life now!

Build a Blog Budget for 2019

This post may have affiliate links in it.

Without a Blog Budget it is so easy to lose control of all the different online tools and WordPress plug-ins we pay for to keep our blog running like a fine oiled machine.

Blog Budget- We need to set a specific monthly budget for our blog and make sure we stay within that. If we don’t then we are not maximizing the money we are making from our blog.

In addition to the online tools we need to budget for continued learning courses and live events throughout 2019. I am working on 6 Figure Blog Template using affiliate marketing mastery techniques. This will be launched sometime in the beginning of 2019.

How to Blog on a Budget

Blogging can be expensive if you don’t know what online tools to use. I learned this the hard way with picking the wrong hosting service and expensive online tools. Below I will list all the best services I use for my blog.

  • A2 Webhosting-Webhosting is by far the most important factor in your blogs success. On December 26th for one day only they are offering hosting plans at $2.95 a month. Click Here to sign up.
  • Getresponse Email Service Provider-This is the second most crucial part of making money with your blog. I have tried several other ESP companies and Getresponse is the best all around service. They have super high converting subscriber opt-in forms that are free with their $15 a month service. Click Here to get my special discounted rate.
  • Tailwind- This is a crucial FREE online tool I use to promote my blog and get thousands of viewers to my blog every day.
  • Canva-They have the best FREE service for creating Pinterest Pins, using photos, creating logos and any other graphic design you will need for your blog business.

Plan Your Downtime

I love digital marketing and blogging so much that since day one it has become a healthy obsession for me. Everything about it is so interesting and intriguing to me. The downside of that is it is easy to block out my other interests and non-blogging friends.

It’s great to love what you are doing but it there needs to be balance. That’s why I schedule personal goals and downtime as well as blog related tasks. Decide what you like to do in your down time and schedule that by the month, week and by the day.

If your blog is about RV’s then you will want to schedule a couple RV vacations which are a great way to unplug while still accomplishing your blog goals.

In addition to these vacations I always plan one big global trip a year. This last year I went to the island of Corfu in Greece for two weeks. It was amazing, I had so much fun and came back super energized. So whatever your “Greece” is, find it and do it every year!

Move to a Self Hosted Webhosting Service

When I first started my blog I wasn’t self hosted. I used wordpress .com which was a free platform. Yes, free is great! Who wouldn’t want free?! BUT … free is limited! You don’t have all of the customization and niffty plug in options. I also wasn’t able to grow an e-mail list on wordpress .com.

I heard about self hosting and instantly made the transfer. Being self hosted is great for many reasons.

  1. Faster server speed – which means my site load time was faster than when it was on a free platform.
  2. Limitless customization – I could upload my own themes, customize my site however I wanted, add HTML, have access to hundreds of plug ins, create an email list and so much more!
  3. No restrictions – Sometimes on free hosted platforms your monetization is restricted to their set terms. When you are self hosted you don’t have to worry about those limitations.
  4. Complete ownership of your website – Being self hosted means YOU own your site, no one else! If you are on wordpress .com , wix, squarespace, blogger etc. they have ownership over your blog too. If their sites go down, you go down with them! You don’t want to risk losing your content. (in my opinion)
  5. You’ll get a custom domain which looks a lot more professional than www.yoursite.blogger.com

There are so many benefits to having a self hosted website! Many are skeptical because they fear they will be alone in the process, BUT YOU AREN’T. If you use a good self host, you will have access to a support team that helps you through ANY difficulties! Also note that you don’t need to know HTML if you are self hosted. So don’t fear!

So which self host should you use?

Many bloggers will recommend blue host but I am not a fan of them! Their support team isn’t as helpful and their servers go down more often than others. I have heard too many horror stories. I personally LOVE and use A2! I have been using A2 Webhosting since 2017 and my site has NEVER been down. I also love that A2 has a live 24/7 chatwho helped me with any issue or confusion I have ever had!

Tips for purchasing a plan:

I recommend the “Turbo”plan because it allows you room for growth, AND if you are transferring from one platform to self hosting, they offer FREE site transfers! This will save you a lot of headaches.

Another tip is to sign up for at least a year in advance because you will get a discount price! The price will rise after your year is up so you might as well get the best discount you can! Even purchasing 3 years up front is smart and will save you money in the long run.

You can use my link to sign up to get a discounted price!

Once you sign up with one click you can install wordpress onto your A2 account and get to blogging!

Attend at Least One Live Event

The saying “Your Net Worth is Your Nework” is so true in the blogging business world! Just by being in the same room with other bloggers you make connections that can lead to partnerships, collaborations and sponsorship deals.

Being a full-time blogger or internet marketer can be a lonely business because you work from home. It’s very important to meet other people in the same exact situation as you are. This will allow you to grow your blog in ways you just can’t sitting behind your computer.

Plan on going to at least one live event a year. A great example is Social Media World Conference. I went to that last year and learned so much that I applied to my blog. Also, I made tons of blog contacts and gained a couple of corporate sponsorship deals for 2019 which by far paid for my entire trip down there.

So get out there and network with other people who can help you grow your business and network. On top of that it is just a lot of fun being in a room with other digital nomads.

Plan Blog Posts at Least One Month Ahead

Have you ever sat in front of your computer asking yourself what to blog about today? I used to do that many times until I got smart and started creating blog titles and keywords three months in advance. Not only did it make me 10x more productive but I got my blog finished much quicker.

Voice Search- One trick I started using to stay organized is getting the Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Speaker. Before, I would always forget to look at my planner to see what I had planned for the day. With the Echo Alexa will remind me what I have planned for the day.

Another reason I got the voice search system is because 30% of all searches right now are done by voice search. I don’t want to be left behind by this technology. It really does everything, like turning off lights, thermostats, locks doors, makes calls from cell phone and the sound is amazing when I am playing Prime Music!

Click Here for more info, if you use my link you can get it for $69. Full Disclosure: This is a affiliate link and if you buy it I may receive a tiny commission.

For more information on SEO check out my good friend Neil Patel’s website neilpatel.com 

At the end of the month I sit down and make a list of what I am going to blog about, write the titles and research the keywords I will use. Don’t get hung up on keyword research, all the keyword research tools are wrong. They will give you the general idea if a keyword is popular but you still need to use common sense.

The whole idea of 10x your productivity in 2019 is to use processes that will make you blog more efficiently. You want to cut out all the time wasting daily tasks which do nothing to move your online business forward.

I love watching football on Sundays and College Basketball on Saturdays, but I don’t do that anymore because it’s not productive, it doesn’t move my business forward. As we speak North Carolina is playing Kentucky, but I’m not watching it.

Plan Out Launches of Digital Products

Digital products is a huge money maker for niche bloggers. It also gives your site authority in your niche. When doing your annual blog planning, set dates for the release of your digital products. This will give you a time frame to work from.

6 months is a great window of time to write a ebook or create a course. The great thing about a ebook is you can sell it on your website and Amazon. There is no cost in creating a ebook only the time that it takes to write and market it. The return can be an extra $10,000 a month! It really depends on how helpful it is to your readers.

There is a direct correlation between how helpful a digital product is and how much money you make from it. The more value it gives, the more valuable it becomes.

Pat Flynn at smartpassiveincome.com has great free resources for creating e-books. When I first started blogging, he was a huge resource for me. He also is probably the most successful podcaster/blogger out there.


2019 is quickly approaching as I write this post and I hope you use some of my productivity plans to 10x your focus and efficiency. By throwing away your old 2018 new year resolutions with ones you will actually implement, you are starting the new year right.

Use this post as a reference guide to planning your personal goals, blogging budget, planning blog posts, what live events to attend and even planning your vacation or downtime. Let’s make 2019 your most productive and best year ever!

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I hope you enjoyed this article and if you got some value from it… please like, share and leave a comment below. It truly is a great way for one person to make a difference. This is my passion and it is my pleasure to bring you information that can transform your life.

How are You Going to be More Productive in 2019?

Now 10x Your Productivity in 2019

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