Do I have to Be a Professional Writer to have a Blog?

No you don’t need any prior writing experience other than having a good grasp of the language your blog will be written.

Blogs were created as Web Logs as a way to provide valuable information that you have in depth knowledge about.

Is Starting a Blog Expensive?

You can start a blog for $2.95 a month with Bluehost. That will include your domain name and free blog theme. Click Here to visit Bluehost for more information.

Do I Need to Pay for a Expensive Training Course to Make Money Blogging?

Everything you will need to know to make money with your blog, you can find here at no cost. To learn how to build a 6 Figure Blog in 6 Months Click Here.

How Do I Make Money With My Blog?

The 3 main ways to make money blogging is through Advertising companies like “Mediavine”, Affiliate Links and sales through your email subscribers. For more details, read my blog post How to Make Your First $10,000 With No Expensive Training Program

How Do I Get Traffic to My Blog?

Free traffic sources like Pinterest and Google will send you search traffic. You can also get paid traffic by placing ads. To learn how to Rank #1 on Google and other Search Engine Optimization Click Here.

How Do I Write a Blog Post?

When writing blog posts, you will follow a specific template. Included in this is the title that answers a question. A answer paragraph that answers the question. 4-5 subheadings that support your answer of the question. To learn how to write a perfect blog post in a hour Click Here.

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