How to Build a 6 Figure Blog

Will a 6 Figure Blog Give You an Extra 160 Hours a Month?

The average full time blogger makes 6 figures or $122,000 a year working anywhere with a internet connection. What would you do with an extra 160 hours a week? This is 2018 we need to stop trying to change our cage and change our lives. Blogging can be the engine that could do it for you.  This post is how to build a 6 figure blog and how I did it.

My attorney and accountant said showing my actual bank statement would be a bad idea.  In order to be completely transparent I think it is the only way to show you what is possible and that my system actually works.

In this post I will break down the steps involved in launching a blog that will generate a 6 figure blog income within 6 months (results not typical)  My lawyer said I had to say that.

The first thing you need to start a blog is a place to host your website.  A2 Webhosting and click the big green “Get Started Now” button. I’ve negotiated a special deal just for you – if you sign up via that link you get a free domain, easy WordPress installation, 24/7 support, a 30-day money back guarantee and a massive 60% discount.

Really, the two biggest factors in how quickly you reach that 6 figure amount is how well you can drive traffic to your blog and how well you are able to engage your email list while providing awesome products and services to them. I was able to take my blog Digital Nomads to 6 figures in 6 months. The 6th month of October 2018  I made $13,219.68.

My attorney and accountant said I shouldn’t show my actual bank statement on my blog.  I want to be completely transparent and the only way to show you that my 6 figure blog system actually works is by showing my actual bank statement from October 2018.  That is at the 6 month mark of this blog


A 6 Figure Blog is an Inside Job

When building your blog, you need to be clear about who your customer is and what problem your blog solves. When choosing your blog, make sure it is something you are passionate about, otherwise you won’t stick with it and it is doomed to fail. It doesn’t have to be a broad super popular subject, the best blogs are the niche, very specific sites.

Most people find your blog orginally by either Search or Pinterest.comSearch. When people are using these search engines, they have a very specific problem they are trying to solve. Your blog should solve a problem related to your niche. Mine is helping people launch 6 figure blogs and second is to help newbie affiliate marketers make their first $10,000.

Those are very specific searchable subjects that drive thousands of potential readers and email subscribers to my site. By knowing who you are and what your audience is looking for, success will naturally flow like a funnel. Get your free domain name and free WordPress blog by Clicking Here

Getting Started with Your Blog and Choosing a Niche Topic

Getting started with your new blog, having a self hosted blog on a top rated site like A2 Webhosting is crucial for being able to make money and doing this full time. By having control of your own site, you control what ads your readers see. I have heard numerous horror stories from other bloggers who didn’t have a self hosted site…the site crashed and was down for at least a week. That is lost subscribers and lost ad revenue. A very large part of SEO and getting traffic to your site is how fast pages load and site security.

If Google sees that your site loads quickly and is secure, like on a A2 Webhosting site…then you will climb quickly in their rankings. Which translates into massive amounts of traffic and ad revenue. I have negotiated a special rate just for my readers of $9.81 a month for the Turbo plan. That is almost free, I would hurry and get your price locked in now because I have no doubt they will raise their rates soon.

What Problem Does Your Blog Solve?

You want to identify what your blog is and what problem it solves for your readers. When picking a topic it can be very specific as long as it has a large enough following to be able to attract enough traffic to make money at it.

Remember, having a personal blog were the purpose is to talk about your personal life and the purpose of a money making blog that solves a specific problem is two very different things.

A personal blog could have thousands of readers every month but that doesn’t mean those readers will translate into future customers. They typically come from all different backgrounds and interests. What we are looking for is a targeted and shared interest group. One that we can market products and services to.

What Does a Blogger Look Like?

The amount of bloggers who do it fulltime and make a average income of $122,000 is 21%. So one out of five bloggers are able to make 6 figures a year doing it. That tells you that there is a proven formula for being successful and make big $$ doing it. Ready to start yours?

The first thing you need to start a blog is a place to host your website.  A2 Webhosting and click the big green “Get Started Now” button.  They have great live chat 24/7 customer support.

The 3 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

There are many ways to make money blogging but below the three main sources of income are listed:

  1. Paid Advertisement-Pay Per Click or Banner Ads with a Flat Fee
  2. Affiliate Links-Paid a Commission for Each Sale
  3. Freelance Writing-Being Paid to Write Guest Posts on Other Blog Sites

1) Paid Advertising

The first source is paid advertisements and those are placed on the top header, sidebar area of the page or at the bottom in the footer area. These image ads are easily placed there by simply copying the html code and placing it in the widget section.

This kind of advertisement is either pay per click, which is self explanatory or a flat fee is agreed upon for placing the companies ad on your blog.

Something not mentioned is native advertising which is ads placed in between paragraphs. Paid advertising is second in revenue compared to affiliate links which I talk about next.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

2) Affiliate Links

The biggest advertising money maker for 6 figure bloggers is affiliate links. Those are text links in your blog post or can be embedded images also. These links take the person to the companies sales page.

When someone makes a purchase from that site, then the blogger gets a commission ranging anywhere from 30-100%. It is the large commission amount that makes this so lucrative. There is endless potential to make a lot of money and you don’t need to sell a lot.

3) Freelance Writing – Guest Blogging

The third largest revenue source for bloggers is freelance writing or guest posting on other blog sites. Other bloggers are super hungry for new content and especially when they don’t have to do it themselves. You can find many examples of this on

This is great in two ways, first we get paid to write on someone else’s blog. Second, we get more traffic driven to our blog by their readers. Another bonus is that by being linked to that site Google loves that and drives our blog site higher in the search rankings…Cha Ching!


Spend Twice as Much Time Promoting Your Blog as You Spent Writing it

When building your blog think of it as a “Blog Pyramid.” You start on the bottom where it takes the most time building and promoting it. Then the further along you get, say 30 blog posts…the less time you have to spend building and writing blog posts.

It is after the 30 article point where you could stop writing and the blog will continue making you thousands of dollars a month without you touching it.  As your blog grows in value you can decide to sell it on a website sale site.  A good blog can sell for $75,000.

The blog content should be “Evergreen” which means it is relevant now and in the future. Google’s main criteria is relevancy, they want to answer the questions people ask with relevant and authoritative web sites.

When I write a blog post, afterwards I spend twice as much time promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. I will post headings and snippets with links going back to the blog post. You want to email your subscribers whenever you post a new blog post since they have expressed interest in your blog and subject that you write about. I recommend Getresponse for your Email Service Provider, they have great features, reliability and unmatched live customer support.

This will drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog which in turn translates into affiliate sales and ad revenue. Which in turn translates into Cadillacs, Dream Homes & Fat Stacks of Cash ;o) That’s what all artists and writers dream of right?

In addition to promoting on social media you should post on publication sites like and if possible without being spammy … post on forums that you frequent and are a member of. The number one forum I recommend is, they drive a good amount of traffic to my site.

Define What Your Future Blog Looks Like

Awesome! Now you have the master blue print for launching your 6 figure blog and leaving your job. The one thing you need to think about and build into your long term blog plans are what your blog income will look like years down the road.

You want to keep your blog posts on topic and relevant to future readers. By doing this it will guarantee your future income even if you stopped writing blog posts after 30.

By using this proven time tested formula, you could be making 6 figures in 6 months time (results not typical).

The Money is in the List

One very important thing you will do is build a email subscriber list and send them a newsletter with awesome products and affiliate links to drive sales and your income even higher.

This is where all bloggers and affiliate marketers make their money. To get a single email to thousands of subscribers you need a ESP, no not Extra Sensory Perception lol…but a Email Service Provider.

The one I use the most and converts leads into sales is Get Response. I love Getresponse because I know my emails will get to my subscribers instead of ending up in their spam folder and never seen. They have the best Email Service Provider reputation, which is so important in the online email business.

The one question I get asked the most about email is how often to send emails. In my experience, I have found that three times a week is great.

The exception to this rule is when I am launching a new product promotion. Then I will launch a 7-10 day autoresponder sequence of pre set emails that are scheduled and sent by Getresponse. I set it up and they do all the heavy lifting for me…I literally make money while I am sleeping!

Get Response is the all in one email program I depend on daily. It has 99% email deliverability which means your emails won’t end up in a spam folder. The best features are the autoresponder email functions, it manages subscription lists and you can build a customer landing page there. They have a free 30 day membership, then it is $15 a month. Please click on the link to see all the options available to you.  This is Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you received value from it… please like, share and leave a comment below. It truly is a great way for one person to make a difference. This is my passion and it is my pleasure to bring you information that can transform your life.


Ryan Mather

Financial Disclosure:  With any business, results vary and my results are not typical.  I make no guarantees of income or of anything else.  I am not a financial advisor and you should do your research before investing any money in a new business.  I do not guarantee that you will make six figures in 6 months or any money at all.  My results are not typical, it takes tremendous dedication, patience and hard work.

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