Jetset 2.0 Affiliate Marketing Program is it a Scam?


Jetset 2.0 My Honest Review

Recently John Crestani a Super Affiliate Marketer, released Jetset 2.0. Is it the best affiliate marketing program out there or just another make money online Scam? In this review I will break down his program with the pros and cons, compared to the gold standard AWOL program, which I went through and am a elite member.

Who is John Crestani?

John’s story started out as a recent graduate from SMU with a marketing degree and landed a job as an account manager at Google Adwords. He took large ad accounts from $30k a month to $100k a month in a very short time.

Being the ambitious entrepreneur he was, he asked his boss for a raise and his boss responded with “Or What?” Like who do you think you are….we are fricking Google you little prick! lol So John took the large accounts and left to open his own internet marketing business.

Very soon after leaving, he wasn’t making much money and didn’t know which direction to go in life. He just knew he didn’t want to go back to the corporate world. He found a book called The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss.

The book was life changing for him. It talked about making passive income with affiliate marketing s so you could live the life you have dreamed of. He didn’t have much money so he borrowed money from his parents and moved to Thailand. It was there that he built the framework of his internet marketing business.

He learned about affiliate marketing and since then has become a super affiliate selling naturapathic, health & beauty niche products among many others. He literally made millions doing this over the last decade. He has become the most successful affiliate marketer in history.

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The Release of Jetset 1 Super Affiliate Marketing System

A few years ago after having massive success with affiliate marketing, he decided to share what he has learned with other people to help them transform their lives also.

John says “Stop changing your cage and change yourself!” He is an outspoken critic of the entire corporate job structure.

The launch of this program was massively successful, he priced it for only $50 because He really just wanted to get the information out there to impact as many lives as he could. He could have sold it for thousands more, but he was an idealist…a cockeyed optimist you might say.

Then last year, he was approached by his good friend Keala from AWOL about promoting their program as an affiliate. He agreed and since he joined has been there #1 affiliate, selling 160+ programs a month to the tune of around $170k a month!! That is just from one product promotion.

I know this and have seen proof of it firsthand because I was an AWOL affiliate and saw the sales leader-board every month. John was always number one. The closest person was at 30 sales a month!

I had to do some research to find out who this Johnn Crestani dude was.

Jetset 2.0 was Launched

While John was promoting AWOL he stopped selling Jetset 1 so he could use what he learned from promoting AWOL and combine the two programs to a massively successful Jetset 2.0. To return the favor Keala promoted John’s Jetset 2.0 program for a couple of weeks during the launch.

What you get in the Jetset 2.0 upgraded version is listed below:

  • Hour Video showing his secret templates for his most successful converting Facebook Ads.
  • Hour video demonstrating how he creates a successful Google Adwords campaign.
  • Learn how to do a Launch Jack-which is worth the price for this one marketing hack.
  • He teaches you how to write like a professional copywriter and the importance of it.
  • Learn how to create authority review sites and YouTube review videos.
  • Weekly live webinars with John where he will answer your questions and show you on screenshare exactly how to model his own live Facebook ads.
  • For the serious marketers who want to invest in themselves, he offers a upgrade to the “12 Week Super Affiliate System”

I went through the entire AWOL program and none of those things were covered in the AWOL Pro training course for $99. If you want to learn those you would need to spend $3k-$15k on seperate upgrades.

John’s Jetset 2.0 course is $900 which is a investment in ones self and future. If you aren’t serious and are only interested in sticking your toe in the waters of affiliate marketing…then this program is not for you. If you want to invest in yourself and are ready to burn the boat and commit to being a successful online, marketer then this is the best program out there.  Click Here to register for John’s free webinar where he walks you through how he has been so successful at affiliate marketing.

I rank AWOL as a very close second place…it is a more elite program with higher cost. They have a headquarters with 60 people in Las Vegas, so they have more overhead than John’s program.


The new Jetset 2.0 affiliate marketing training program launch has been trending on Google every week growing in viral popularity. What you get with Jetset Super Affiliate System is just that a Super Affiliate System by the greatest Super Affiliate ever to do it. To register for John’s Crestani’s free webinar about Jetset 2.0 at the end he gives each person a $900 real cash value bonus not a discount!

In this affiliate marketing program he walks you through step by step showing you exactly how he has been so successful. He provides a master blue print when the other gurus only provide a general blueprint. I have been doing affiliate marketing for two years and have made multiple 6 figure years doing it so I know what a great Affiliate Marketing Program consists of.

My honest evaluation of the program is that it is the most comprehensive cutting edge system on the marketplace.

Believe me when I tell you that it takes tremendous dedication, hard work, perseverance, patience and the most important thing is the ability to follow directions. If you have a fatal case of individualism…then this won’t work for you. What I mean by that is, many people want to do it there own way, they think they can improve on a proven system without ever making a dollar yet.

If you are ready to make a commitment and investment in yourself, then you might be ready for this elite training program.

I can honestly tell you that there isn’t a program out there where you have a higher chance of being successful at it. The best part is you have weekly access to someone who is the best at affiliate marketing and has the results you want. He genuinely wants to transform your life and make you the administrator of your time instead of your current boss. Be a stay at home mom or travel the world with your family! Shouldn’t you decide what your best life looks like?

I hope this review provided you with some valuable information and starts you on your own journey of opening your own online business.  Register for John’s Jetset 2.0 webinar by Clicking Here

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Affiliate marketing can change your life

If you have questions about the program Jetset or even AWOL, I am happy to answer them for you. Please leave a comment or you can reach me directly at I will respond to you within a couple of hours.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you got some value from it… please like, share and leave a comment below. It truly is a great way for one person to make a difference. This is my passion and it is my pleasure to bring you information that can transform your life.

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