How to Write the Best Blog Post in an Hour


Never spend days writing a blog post again, forget about writers block. How long does it take you to write a blog post? If you are anything like I used to be, I bet it is a lot longer than an hour. Check my other blog post to learn how to 10x Your Blog Productivity.

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Like every blogger, I have struggled with challenge of writing a 1500 word blog post under an hour. After doing some research on I found the aswer is picking your topic, keywords and then 5-6 subheadings to write about. The trick is instead of writing one huge block of text, write about 5 shorter subheadings and under an hour you will be done.

Create a Hitlist of Blog Posts

I used to spend hours every week thinking about what I was going to write about and what keywords I was going to use. I never said blogging was the most exciting life lol.

Hitlist- Every month sit down for about an hour and make a list of the blog posts you are going to write for the next month. With this list you will want to research what keywords would be best to use.

By doing this you will never be sitting at the computer with writers block again. It’s all about being productive and spending your time doing instead of thinking about doing.

Research to Find Answer

The one hour post will be a “Answer Post” which is answering a question someone is searching for on a search engine. You want to research the best answer.

The one thing better than one authority on the subject is taking the top 3 authorities on the subject and giving all the information to the reader and let them decide which answer is best for their situation.

You want to provide the information as a friend rather than a authority on the subject. The authority only provides one answer or point of view. The friend on the other hand will provide the best options to solve your problem.

Give a Answer Paragraph That is Bolded

After asking the question the post is to answer you will want to write a answer paragraph in bold. The reason for this is to tell the reader what the short answer is for their problem. This will allow Google to feature your blog post as a Snippet when someone searches for your question.

You don’t want to give too much information in the snippet so the reader doesn’t need to read the rest of your blog post. Just enough information to peak their interest to read more.

The Readers Journey- A blog post is about keeping the readers attention for one more paragraph. You caught their attention with the subject line, then with the question, then you answered the question, then they read the rest of your post for the specific details not answered in the answer paragraph.


Write 3-5 Subheadings

Subheadings- Create 3-5 subheadings that are the main points you will cover in your blog post. When creating these subheadings, fill them with keywords that you have already researched. This will boost your SEO and shoot you up the rankings.

The one thing you don’t want is one big block of text. By having these subheadings it breaks up the text and second it makes your blog post scannable.

User Experience- You always want to keep the users experience in mind and always put them first. They are not coming to your blog for you, they are coming for answers to their questions.

Fill in Content Explaining Subheadings

Now that you have your subheadings, you just have to fill in the content explaining each subheading. Use quotes and name the source where you found the research.

Their are many ways to provide information in a blog post. You can use your own knowledge, quote a source, info-graphics, charts and graphs. I recommend using as many as you can. This will break up the text and make it easier to read and scan for your reader.

Below is an infographic I created using Canva


Add Images & Affiliate Links

Now it is about 50 minutes into writing this blog post. The final thing to do is first proofread the post and correct any mental lapses or grammatical errors.

Pinterest & Images- Then create a Pinterest graphic using Canva. You will place this at the very top of the post. Then when you are finished you will go to Pinterest and create a pin so millions of people on Pinterest can find you.

Images- Then place one more image and graphic throughout your post. Remember to make sure that the image relates directly to what you are talking about in that section of the post. Otherwise it will just confuse the reader, it won’t make sense.

Affiliate Links

The last thing you will do is the most important if you want to make money with your blog. That is placing affiliate links throughout your post. There are many affiliate programs out there. Ones I use often are A2 Webhosting, Amazon and Ebates. About every 250 words, you will want to have a affiliate link.

Digital Products- This is a great way to promote your digital products too. When appropriate mention your own products with a link so your readers can find the products you have created specifically for them.

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I wasn’t going to include this but since it is January 1st 2019…I want to talk a bit about how to be more productive by doing less. Most people think that being productive is doing the most things in the shortest amount of time.

The problem is that if you are doing many things you are not doing them well. You are making a little bit of progress on many different things. You should spend your time on just a couple of things that have the greatest impact on making you money.

If you make $10,000+ a month you should follow the list below in order of importance:

  • Turn off all email and social media notifications on your phone and computer. Stay off of your social media accounts except to promote your blog or info products.
  • Hire a Personal Chef to Cook for you 4 days a week and prepare the rest of the weeks meals for you.
  • Hire a live in Personal Trainer to manage all aspects of your health. They will manage your sleep/nutrition/supplements and daily workout. They will also order all the food and have it delivered so it is ready for the chef to prepare.
  • Join Ebates to get 10% cash back from all your online purchases. If you buy your groceries online and have them delivered then you get 10% savings!

Doing these few things will tremendously increase your productivity and add an extra 3+ hours a day to focus on your business and family. There is a huge difference between Living & Living Well! Live your best life you can…while you can.

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I would love to hear your comments on these five steps and if you would add any more things to the list that would help others grow their blog. Please leave your comments below…let’s start the conversation…

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you got some value from it… please like, share and leave a comment below. It truly is a great way for one person to make a difference. This is my passion and it is my pleasure to bring you information that can transform your life.


Ryan Mather

How Long Does it Take You to Write a Blog Post?

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