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When I first started my blog I thought after my first blog post there would be an avalanche of traffic or a Traffic-Palooza! Apparently, the rest of the internet did not get the memo ;o) SEO for beginners can be hard and even overwhelming. This post is a SEO tutorial for beginners.

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Are you a new blogger trying get traffic to your new blog? I have great news there is hope and you can rank #1 with these SEO hacks.

  • Optimize for voice search keyword phrases.
  • Compress images and use alt text.
  • Importance of social proof-shares, likes and mentions.
  • Optimize metadata description and URL.
  • Create a Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Ok Google, How Do I Optimize for Voice Search?

Voice search and Artificial Intelligence is the future of Google and other search engines. Last year alone saw a 63% increase in voice searches. Every month some reports say as much as one billion voice searches are perfomed.

How can you optimize for voice search? This can be done by using heavily searched keyword phrases instead of just keywords. The way users interact with search engines and technology is changing and you don’t want to be left behind.

Fortunately, the techniques used for optimizing for voice search is largely the same as regular SEO. The same rules apply, you just have to be aware of how to optimize for it.

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Compress Images & Use Alt Text

Website speed is one of the 200 factors that Google uses to determine search rankings. Images take up 68% of the websites total weight. That means the larger the image size, the slower your webpage is going to load.

This is an easy fix, the free image compression website I use is https://compressimage.toolur.com

This will help speed up your website quickly, an easy fix right? To see how fast your website is loading and a total SEO analysis, Neil Patel has a great free tool called SEO Analyzer at https://neilpatel.com

I would recommend bookmarking his website because he has a whole section of free tools that will help you with SEO. Another site to check website performance is GT Metrix. They will analyze and score your website and tell you what pictures are slowing down your site.

This next hack is easily overlooked by your competitors and that’s using keywords for your pictures alt-text. That is the pictures name when people can’t download the picture, they can see the name of it and know what the picture is.

Google uses this for relevancy and search ranking purposes. If it sees it has a name that’s a relevant keyword, they will rank you higher…even number one!

Before you add the picture to the page, you will see a box that says “Alt-Text” That’s where you will put your keywords that describe the photo or graphic.

Importance of social proof-shares, likes and mentions.

Non-linking: This kind of linking without linking is called user engagement. To me this is the most important measurement their is. It says what your visitor does when they are both on your site and when they leave it.

Below Google defines non-linking engagement:

Google Analyzes User Engagement

Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, said during his keynote at Brighton SEO:

“If you publish high-quality content that is highly cited on the Internet — and I’m not talking about just links, but also mentions on social networks and people talking about your branding, crap like that. Then you are doing great.”

The idea is that brands that garner a lot of mentions, both in social media and on websites and long-form content, are trusted and therefore authoritative in search engines’ eyes.

While this ranking strategy has flown under the radar a bit, both Google and Bing have indicated that linkless brand mentions factor into how the search engines measure authority and quality.

In fact, Duane Forrester, former senior product manager at Bing noted back in 2016 that Bing had already:

“figured out context and sentiment of tone, and how to associate mentions without a link. As the volume grows and trustworthiness of this mention is known, you’ll get a bump in rankings…”

Brand Building- This is brand building, when people like and talk about your content outside of your website. This tells Google this is a site with authority and quality content, they should rank it higher.

On average the #1 ranked blog posts have a word count of 2000+ words, this is called longform content. These are long informative posts that have more opportunities for keywords and longtail keyword phrases.

To measure the engagement your brand is getting outside of your site you can use a tool called SEMrush

Backlinks-This site will tell you how many backlinks to your website you have. Which is a major way that Google gages the authority and quality of your site. For example, this blog has 922 backlinks as of today.

Ranking for Keywords- It will also tell you what keywords and keyphrases you are ranking for on search engines. This is great because you can plug in your most popular ones into your blog posts as secondary keywords. Doing this will give your rankings a boost…maybe to #1.

At last year’s State of Search event, Google’s Gary Illyes noted that Google uses sentiment analysis
 to evaluate off-site sentiment to inform their rankings.

Source: Neil Patel

SEO Tutorial Using Linkless Mentions to Optimize for Search Engines.

A good example of linkless mentions is customer reviews on Yelp. 68% of customers make their decision based on reading 1-6 reviews before they buy a product online.

Hopefully, you never have a negative customer review, but how you handle it can make or break your business. That review will be on the internet somewhere forever. That is the power of positive and negative linkless mentions.

  • Resolve Issues and Provide a Resolution.
  • Reinforce the Positive Aspects of the Product.
  • Give a Sincere Apology.

Optimize metadata SEO to Rank #1 on Google

~These are two very important parts of SEO. If you leave it up to Google, they will use the beginning of your first sentence to describe what your web page is about.

Yoast SEO Plug-In- This is why it’s so important to use a SEO plug-in like Yoast. They give you the chance to write how your search result will be seen by searchers.

~You not only get to write your own description, but also the title, who wrote it and even what is displayed in your URL or what’s called a “Permalink.”

~To optimize your URL, you want to have your keywords in the title towards the front or beginning. You can change your permalink settings in the “Tools” section in your WordPress Admin page.

Rank #1 Using Metadata- When writing your metadata description for your blog post you want to make sure to lace it with your primary keywords. If you do this, Google will bold them in the search results. If you can put in other keywords you are already ranking for and are relevant to your blog post or web page.


Create a Frequently Asked Questions Page.

A Frequently Asked Questions page will optimize directly for voice search. The answers to these questions need to be clear and direct. This page will show up in searches with every question that is asked.

To figure out what questions to answer, use a tool like ubersuggest on https://neilpatel.com to find popular heavily searched questions related to your niche.

By adding these questions, you will be directing more searches to your web page. With the growth of voice searches on the rise, this is a SEO hack that will increase your search rankings but also the number of page visitors you receive.

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SEO has one purpose: build links and authority to rank #1 in searches. If you use the hacks in this post, you will set yourself apart and above from your competition.

To use a blog post template that is already SEO optimized check them out here.

The one variable that will evolve and have the most impact on SEO is voice search and AI. It’s believed that this new technology will continue to explode in popularity and growth. I have jumped on board with my new Amazon Echo 2nd Gen.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you got some value from it… please like, share and leave a comment below. It truly is a great way for one person to make a difference. This is my passion and it is my pleasure to bring you information that can transform your life.

What SEO For Beginner Hacks do You Use to Rank on Google?

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